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Category Up to March 28th Up to May 28th After May 28th
and on site
Physicians R$780,00 R$810,00 R$840,00
Physicians members of ABN  R$630,00 R$670,00 R$700,00
Commercial Delegates R$780,00 R$810,00 R$840,00
Residents / Fellow* R$525,00 R$580,00 R$630,00
Health Professionals R$525,00 R$580,00 R$630,00
Graduation Students* R$255,00 R$285,00 R$310,00
Graduation Students – Member of BCTRIMS Youth League R$160,00 R$190,00 R$210,00
Other members of BCTRIMS Youth League R$255,00 R$285,00 R$310,00
Only Pre-Congress Course** R$230,00 R$260,00 R$290,00


**People registered at these categories will not have access to the congress



BCTRIMS 2024 Galoá

25th BCTRIMS Annual Meeting uses Galoá to painless manage and increase the impact of the event.

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